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LD Care supports people with Autism and Aspergerís Syndrome and those who may exhibit autistic-like behaviours due to other complex conditions. We also support people who have associated complex needs such as behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) and mental health conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and anxiety disorders. People with ASDs often require specialist services including support for additional complex mental health needs or behaviours that challenge. Our specialist service has been adapted to offer a low arousal environment and specialist support.

At LD care we know that many people find change difficult so we work with the people we support and their families to make sure that everyone understands what is happening and are fully prepared for every stage of a move to a new service.

We understand that for many people with autism the world can be a confusing place. The condition can make it hard for individuals to interact socially. People with autism may struggle to communicate, finding it difficult to interpret what is happening around them.

People who suffer with autism can have very different needs, so we make sure that the support we offer is tailored to suit each individual. People with ASDs tend to favour support plans that are very structured, including scheduled timetables compiled in advance. We know that consistent and familiar staff support is essential and so we have allocated key workers, with tight handover procedures and individual focus meetings.

All the people we support are assisted to develop individual person centred plans which include measurable and realistic outcomes.

In supporting people with autism effective communication is vital. LD Care staff are trained to communicate using a range of methods, including non-verbal means such as pictures, photos, symbols and Choice Boards. Our support team receive comprehensive specialist training on Autism and Aspergerís Syndrome as well as specialist training in the SPELL framework.

Behaviour that seems challenging can be a result of not being able to communicate in any other way. We use Proactive Crisis Prevention/Intervention to help individuals to manage their behaviour, helping to keep them and others safe.

We see autism as a difference in the way that people think, learn and feel. Our aim is to support every individual and provide a routine which reduces anxiety, builds on success and is stimulating. LD Care offers support in a purpose built environment, where staff provides support in a structured and consistent way to suit each personís preferred daily routine.

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