LD Care team

At LD care we understand that the people who deliver the care and support to those who use our service are very important, so we make sure that our staff are not only friendly and caring but also feel passionate about providing care with dignity and respect and work hard to encourage independence and overall wellbeing.

We make certain that the people in LD Care have the right attitude and are motivated to provide an environment and deliver a level of care that promotes safety, choice, growth and development of all the people that we support.

LD Care has a thorough and intensive selection and recruitment process that ensures all staff members are skilled, sensitive and experienced in supporting people with complex needs. The views of the people who use our services are crucial especially when it comes to the people that support them and so they are encouraged to meaningfully contribute to the day to day running of their home, particularly in the staff selection process.

LD care provides a comprehensive and specialist training program to all staff, which ensures people only receive the highest quality of care and support. All the people that work with us are expert professionals and specialists who have the training, knowledge and experience in supporting people with learning disabilities, Autism, challenging behaviors and complex needs.

Supporting and caring for people who use our service is one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. We make sure all the staff in LD Care appreciate this, have the right approach at all times and are devoted to supporting people to live a fulfilling life.

  • LD care team
  • LD care team
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